You Don't Have To Hire A Social Media Manager

An effective strategy with a clear road map may be just what you need to achieve your business goals

You probably do not need a Page Manager

If you belong to any of these categories

What You Need Is An Effective strategy

So my question to you is how enticing is your business page? 

Are you struggling with it?

Can your content keep a client glued to your page?

What about your Instagram bio, is it optimized?

Don’t know what post to make, when to post it?

Do you get stuck when it comes to writing captions for your product or service?

Do you know how to engage with your ideal audience and where to find them online?

Do you need someone to bounce your page ideas back and forth with?

Book a zoom call with me

In 1 Hour or More, You Will Get

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This session is guaranteed to change your page game from Zero to 100!!!!

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Why Should You Trust Me?

I have helped over a 100 business owners like yourself create a solid strategy for their pages.

I have pretty much mastered what works and doesn’t, having been a social media manager for a few years now and running The Brand Queen Agency where we manage social media pages for multiple businesses and of course, running 2 businesses of my own successfully (1 product based & the other service based) using only social media as my lead generation and marketing tool.

I have experience with creating social media strategies for almost every business you can find out there (well except Aphrodisiac AKA kayanmata business) which we don’t manage.

So you see, I have vast experience and I’m your plug to gaining clarity. 

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The strategy session gave me clarity and equipped me with ideas for running your page and engaging effectively, plus where to find my clients and all.
It was such an eye opener, worth every dime

Ndali O.

CEO @aldengiftsco

The one -on-one strategy session with you was all shades of awesome. It was very impactful and I really learnt a lot. Thank you for being very practical. I had fun during the session and it was totally worth the money spent

Eunice of Bloomheight Foods

Bloomheight Foods