Alright, so you know in 2020 Social Media is important for every Business and most importantly, you already know that the right content can:

Pull in traction,
Increase visibility for your business
… and engage your ideal clients online.

Whilst bad content will relegate you which results to ZERO VISIBILITY & NO SALES, not good right! We thought so too,

That’s why we created this amazing Social Media Content Calendar with 1100 amazing Ideas to propel your social media presence upwards and increase visibility for your brand

You know all these and really want to do well Butttttttt!!! You have no idea what kind of content to post or how to get started.

Or maybe you tried so much to put out the right content to the best of your ability in 2019 and nothing worked.

As a social media management agency, we have worked with so many businesses and interacted with so many entrepreneurs, and we’ve been able to understand that this is in fact every body’s problem, “How do i create great content for my page?” So you are not alone in this, trust us!

We are aware that there are different social media content calendars out there but one thing has been consistent, you only get one idea a day! We are in an era where people spend quality time on social media, so putting out one content per day and 30 per month won’t do you or your brand any good.

We considered all of these and birthed this PHENOMENAL CUSTOMIZABLE¬† SOCIAL MEDIA CONTENT CALENDAR that gives you 3 post ideas per day and 1100 for the entire year! Guess what? It’s been already prepared for you, just get yours and customize it for your business.

Incase you were wondering, Here's a sneak peak into the first few days of the 2020 content calendar, with 3 customizable ideas for every single day already prepared for you


In no particular order, each day has a post idea to Engage your Audience through questions, chit chat or fun games that gets their attention to want to interact (after all that is what social media was created for in the first place, to SOCIALISE) and online people buy from who they constantly interact with

Each day, You also have another idea that tells you what aspect of your business or products/service to showcase or talk about as opposed to just putting up your product/service randomly and expect clients, that won’t work in 2020, but not to worry we have solved that problem for you

Lastly, The third post idea gives you an avenue to showcase your expertise in your field, by educating and inspiring your audience and so much more. So you have these 3 great ideas every single day of 2020 already prepared for you, your social media will be juicy, we can feel it dripping sauce already.

This is one very rich and detailed Social media content calendar, CUSTOMIZABLE for Product and Service-based businesses plus personal brands, 3 Ideas daily in 2020 to help you accelerate your Social Media pages and increase your revenue in an amazing way

So whether you’re a busy Entrepreneur who barely has enough time in his/her hands, or you’re a start up company who can’t afford a good Social media manager, or you want an amazing content calendar to guide your team on producing the right content for your brand, or you’re a social media manager who want to save time with content research or just maybe you have all the time in the world but LACK IDEAS on what to post on your social media platforms, Then this was created for you.

This is Content Calendar on steroids, 3 ideas to upload on your pages every single day of 2020, 1100 in total.

YOUR INVESTMENT = $35/ N12,000 only

We tried to make this a great offer for only those who would take a leap and get theirs in December 2019 and January 2020 after which it goes back up to its original price $120 / N40,000 only

We put a lot into consideration to ensure we give so many Entrepreneurs an opportunity to save money by getting this calendar between December 2019 and January 2020 at $35 / N12,000, just because we want you to do well online.

Let’s break it down to how much you’ll be spending daily on each post

$0.52 / N192  per week

$2.5 / N833 Per month

$35 / N12,000 Per year

That’s ridiculously cheap and almost laughable! Well not for too long, this price is only valid from December 2019 till January 2020

Even the cheapest unskilled Social media manager /Agency will charge you way much more monthly to handle your page

Now the ball is in your court, Scale up your social media presence with this amazing first of it's kind Social Media Content Calendar already prepared for you or keep playing small and wasting valuable time without getting any results! It's up to you, so what is it going to be?

LIMITED OFFER $30 / N10,000 For the entire year