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Struggling with your social media page management? Too busy to handle it? Lacking ideas on content strategy or how to increase engagement?

The Brand Queen Agency’s got you covered. We offer Social Media Management services, 1 on 1 coaching and also specialize in creating unique social media strategies tailored to the uniqueness of your brand. We also have resources that can help your business thrive on social media.


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The Brand Queen Agency

The Brand Queen Agency is a digital and Social Media Management company and our sole aim is to make it easy for Entrepreneurs to run their business on social media professionally and make a lasting impression in the minds of their ideal audience from the very first contact.
At the Brand Queen Agency, we manage social media pages like Instagram, Facebook and Twitter; We provide learning opportunities to upcoming enthusiasts through our different online courses; We sell resources that enable a more profitable use of social media and we advertise for maximum online Business success.

Our Services

We make social media management and content creation seamless for you

Social Media Page Management

Instagram, Facebook and Twitter account management

Content creation and Curation

Caption writing, Hashtag research for each post, stories update

Client's Reviews

Testimonials from clients we've worked with

" She was timely, consistent, helpful and kept great content. I’m a highly detailed individual with high expectations and all my expectations were met - literally. I will strongly recommend The Brand Queen Agency to anyone interested in any of their services. "
Debbie Odunlami
Founder – Women Connect Hub
"I love love love love... It's beautiful and organized. Thank you so much for adding color and vibe to my page. I really appreciate it dear. Now I can try to be committed to my Instagram account. 😘 😘 😘. You are good with what you do, keep it up.!"
I'm honestly impressed by the contents delivered by The brand queen on my Instagram page. Keep it up

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Frequently Asked Questions

Most frequent questions and answers

How do I book a 1 on 1 with The Brand Queen?

Please visit “OUR SERVICES” section here on the website and book a slot,, it’s that simple.

Can I still post on my own profiles ?

Oh yes! They are all yours. You can post any day or time.

Who will be working on my social media accounts?

We have a team of Content creators who are responsible for researching and posting content to your accounts. They spend hours strategizing and searching online for content relevant to your brand. The end goal is to come up with engaging content and communicate with your audience sharing educative, informative and inspiring content.

What if I want to run a promo or have a special series or event i want to talk about?

Just send us an email with what you’d like us to share for you and we’ll handle it. It’s that simple and if your package covers a strategy session(s) we will talk about it or
You can send an email to [email protected] anytime and we’ll do whatever we can to get them implemented quickly

How will you know what to post for my brand/business ?

Once you sign up, your assigned page manager will research your market, study your target audience, look at your competitors, search for ways to do better and then begin posting.

Do I have to sign a contract ?

We believe in earning your business month after month, so there’s no contract involved. However, if you want one, we can make it available in 24hrs.

Can I cancel after a 30 day cycle is completed

Yes you can cancel BUT you have to notify us, 1 week before your 30 day period elapses

Wait... I still have questions !

We can help! Please visit our Help Center for more information about our company, services, pricing, and much more.